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Often asked to me: “what is the list of countries you test for IBAN”. Most of the time, a simple “I let the framework doing it, don’t know what and how, it works” is enough. This morning, it wasn’t… !

So, if you had the same question, here is the list of supported countries within the Zend Framework 1.12:

  • AD, AT,
  • BA, BE, BG,
  • CH, CS, CY, CZ,
  • DE, DK,
  • EE, ES,
  • FR, FI,
  • GB, GI, GR,
  • HR, HU,
  • IE, IS, IT,
  • LI, LU, LT, LV,
  • MK, MT,
  • NL, NO,
  • PL, PT,
  • RO,
  • SE, SI, SK,
  • TN, TR.

Any country not in this list, will raise the error Zend_Validate_Iban::NOTSUPPORTED. For the others, a regular expression is applied. For instance, here is the one for France:


This “sentence” means: begins with ‘FR’, followed by 2 figures, then 10 figures and lasts with 13 alphanumeric characters (will raise a Zend_Validate_Iban::FALSEFORMAT error in case it doesn’t match).

Finally, the IBAN key is checked (will raise a Zend_Validate_Iban::CHECKFAILED error).

VoilĂ  :).

Next post : how to add the list of new implemented countries in ZF2…